27 November 2011

Happy Fanxgibling

Last night, Miranda and I had a Thanksgiving dinner at her house for our host families and friends. But instead of the traditional turkey, we had burritos! They were delicious. I also made, for the first time, pecan pie. It was a little overcooked. It was a great night.

07 October 2011


2/365 by bbprade
2/365, a photo by bbprade on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
07/10/2011: I take drawing classes with my host sister. The class is younger, so Tia lets me do my own drawings of what I want- portraits. I’m okay with this one, it’s the best I’ve done so far. There are small details that are bugging the shit out of me, but they're not important. Just a sketch, I tell myself.

06 October 2011


I’m starting Project 365 with my flickr. It’s another way for me to sort of keep up with things, like a blog of pictures. It’s something that I’m going to be more committed to because I like photography.

14 September 2011


Yes, you should all be surprised. I am not not not a writer/blogger/whatever and I am also trying to keep up with a diary, so getting to my blog is very rare. But I'm getting to it slowly.
It's been three weeks since I've been in Belgium and I've done a lot and yet so little. On my third day, I visited Paris. I've been there before, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. We went to drop my host sister off at Charles de Gaulle for her flight to Argentina, but before her flight we walked down the Champs Elysees. I went in Louis Vuitton for the first time, it was pretty cool but I don't care much for that stuff. Also went into Laduree's yumm.
Another big visit was to Bruxelles, twice. First time for the Rotary convention. Over 300 exchange students there. It was crazy…awesome. Then again with my family. Then this past weekend we went to the oceannnn. Near Nieuwport (Dutch area!). It was very nice. Except that I only got to spend less than a day there because I had to stay home for a Rotary orientation Saturday, all day. :( Other than that I've been doing a bunch of things with my family, museums and things of the like. I started school last week. Oh lord. My first day was rough. It really shook me. But my second day was pretty okay, I met up with a Belgian girl I had met previously and all of her friends and now in my second week am starting to feel pretty good. I already understood about 90% of what my family said to me, but at school it's a lot different. Obviously, the teachers speak crazy fast and I didn't catch a lot at first. But now it's better and it's a looooooot better when they write on the board.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say. We'll see when my next will be ha ha

10 July 2011

la vie est belle

One of  my photos from a photography session with the ever so lovely Brenna Paxton and her friends Sara, Chelsea, Danielle, and Kevin :)