10 July 2011

la vie est belle

One of  my photos from a photography session with the ever so lovely Brenna Paxton and her friends Sara, Chelsea, Danielle, and Kevin :)

08 July 2011

Just a nice little something :)

05 July 2011

Sweet Relief

Finally got all of the visa forms done and notarized but I still have to wait until tomorrow to see the doctor for the medical form v_v but then I can send everything in! I've been (and still kind of am) worried that it's all too late and that my arrival in Belgium will be delayed.

Also, I got an e-mail reply from my third host mother! She is super nice. I am also going to have three brothers….. ahaha that will be something else. I only have one sister who's seven years older than me, so I've hardly ever had to live with siblings. But I know it'll be fun.

Next>> Gifts!

01 July 2011


Officially made myself a To-Do list. Just now. I'm kind of freaking out a bit but slightly relaxing at the same time. I still have SO much to do, but finally getting it out of my head and onto paper made me feel loads better.

Now to do it!


Applying for my visa will be the death of me. All of my mom's Brazilian friends say "Oh, it doesn't take that long." ……….. v_v I guess it's just my mom and me, but this thing is evil.